• Monitoring of competitors’ patent activity 
  • Prior search before patent application 
  • Patent application 
  • Patenting abroad 
  • Further processing 
  • Patent infringement 
  • Annual fees 

Monitoring of competitors’ patent activity
It is as important to get sole rights as it is to constantly check that you do not infringe others’ rights. We assist you in designing a monitoring profile, for monitoring competitor´s relevant technical fields. By doing so, you can also get a reasonable idea of current development trends and build up your own library of documents.
Prior search before patent applications 
Especially if you do not have up to date knowledge of relevant technology, through constant monitoring, it is a good idea to do a special novelty search for a project which you want to protect with one or several patent applications. This means that you can generally avoid unpleasant surprises, the patent application can be better formulated and the chance of arriving at a patent without complications increases. For larger projects, a prior search is a good investment. Sometimes you can save the entire cost of a patent application, if it is found that the proposed technology is previously known.
Patent applications 
One of our most important tasks is to draft specifications for patent applications. If you do it right the first time - with well balanced patent claims and a well-formulated description - further work can be made more cost-effective. For this reason, we put a lot of effort into drafting patent specifications, often directly in English, to facilitate subsequent patenting in other countries. We do this in close consultation with the client and the inventor.
Patenting abroad 
Many companies have international markets these days. We help with:
International patent applications, i.e. PCT applications, 
European patent applications which we handle directly before the European Patent Office (EPO) in the Hague/Munich and 
National patent applications in other countries through our international contact network of associates in each country.
Further processing 
Patent applications generally take a long time to process by the public authorities. We track the application from start to finish, advise, remind, revise, send instructions to associates abroad, monitor time limits and give advice in the meantime.
Patent infringement 
If our client discovers that a competitor makes use of the claimed invention, we can analyse the situation and warn for infringement or initiate a law suit in collaboration with an IP lawyer.
Annual fees 
A service company, CPA Global (Patrafee) AB takes care of monitoring and payment of annual fees for maintenance of patents for our clients. Patrafee AB offers supplementary services such as budget documentation and information about the status of patents in the client’s patent portfolio.

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