• What can be protected? 
  • Registered designs or patents? 
  • Strategy and tactics for best protection 
  • Registered design application with pictures 
  • Registered designs abroad 
  • Surveys and assistance in conflicts 
Registered designs 
Registration of designs is a protection for the appearance of an article or decoration on an article (so-called ornamentation). The protection means that nobody except the owner can use the design or a similar design professionally without their permission.
What can be protected? 
Registration of designs can be obtained for the design of an article, or a part thereof as long as its appearance materially differs from anything which has been known previously and is not trivial. It is also possible to protect packages, graphic symbols, icons and web design.
Registered designs or patent?  
Registration of designs is frequently a useful complement but seldom an alternative to a patent if you want to protect the function of a product or an invention. You have to remember that registration of a design is purely a protection for its appearance.
Strategy and tactics for best protection 
We review the customer’s need for protection and the situation related to registration of the design of the product in question.
Registered design application with pictures 
We draft the necessary application documents. To get the best effect from the application, we undertake to prepare, representative pictures by photography or by making drawings.

Registered designs abroad 
If protection is desired in other countries, we have a network of contacts in each country. In 2003 the EC design was launched. This makes it possible to obtain design protection in 27 European countries.

Surveys and assistance in conflicts

We assist in all matters related to protection of designs. We investigate whether a product which somebody wants to manufacture is subject to an existing design registration owned by a competitor, or if a competitor’s product infringes our client’s design registration. We also assist in all kinds of conflicts.

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